Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the ballerina alphabet

      As promised, here is my outcome:
The Ballerina Alphabet
Selection of graphite drawings on paper
December 2012
      Each letter is a delicate A5 drawing on paper, depicting ballet movements combined with stage set and atmospheric elements. The alphabet is inspired and drawn from the beauty of ballet, various from classics such as Swan Lake, La Bayadere, The Nutcraker, Sleeping beauty,etc, to modern compositions, Afternoon of the Faun and Alice in Wonderland for instance. This alphabet was continuously drawn in 2 and a half weeks, much to my efforts, I am glad I have finally expressed my affection towards this tremendous physical art. 

      Be welcome to have a closer look at each letter as their individual:

b for Balcony,
the classic scene in Romeo and Juliet

F for Flame,
the passion for dance

O for Odette, my favourite drawing :)


  1. Great work, my favs are K ( the emotion on the dancers faces), H (clothes and hair), O ( beautiful portait, I like how you use the swan as a frame) and X, I love how you did the swans putting the necks close to create the letter :)
    Happy holidays!!

    1. thank you :) it's great to know your positive opinion upon this. have a great weekend :) x

  2. So beautiful and dreamy!!! Great work!!!

  3. Congratulations, Minh Chau! I can not believe you did all this alphabet?
    I congratulate you for your perseverance, on work and idea, I would not have drawn beyond the letter B!
    I wish you happy holidays and that 2013 will be a spectacular year for you! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♫♫♫

    1. Thank you :) I wish you a merry christmas and a fascinating upcoming year as well :)

  4. such an amazing and beautiful accomplishment!

  5. Would it be possible to buy access to a printable version of this? Would love to use for my daughters room?

    1. Hi Karin, Thank you for your interest. Could I ask which size it is that you're looking for? I have the PDF versions available for A2 or A1 size, which are £20 and £26 respectively. Alternatively, I could send you the printed version of A2 size for £49 if you're interested.

      Please let me know your email address so I could forward the information.

      Thanks Karin and I think this will be a lovely gift for your daughter!