Sunday, November 24, 2013

sneak peak

     Some more images I have been working on for my upcoming artbook:


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ecstasy on having my first sewing machine

      I was lucky enough to be offered a sewing machine by two of my most favourite people. I finally got one, delivered straight at my door. I am sorry C, but I will think of something else for you to give me on my birthday. And for my wonderful mom, thanks for your generosity.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sneak peak updated

     Fairy tales hold an uncanny enchantment over me, not for their fulfilled 'happy ending', nor 'the white horse', but for they beholds the feminist choice and embraces the rebellious face of adolescents quite charmingly.
     Here I present a few stages of progress for this long-term project, a journey through the philosophy of the oldest of folk tales:


Friday, August 2, 2013

following the last post...

The illustrator spent three weeks of her summer in Bournemouth
where summer found its heat and where sunbeams found their playground
on the perpetual waves caressing the bleached white sand
The coastal town formed a pictorial textile image
there, the illustrator caught a glimpse for her fashion muse
She has discovered the beauty of fashion and its movements of decoration
She is fascinated
by how some simple garments could be moulded into thousands of dressing ideas
by the explicit work of embroidery enlightens a soulless piece of fabric
by the movements of textiles
slight and slender
as the summer breeze
breathing through the salty feel of the sea.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words,
she hence presents you this album of her mini journey
A summer weaved by 'textile' memories...

Collected real-life sketches from Bournemouth,
Bath Fashion museum and V&A Costume gallery

 Hope you don't mind her first machine embroidery

Final piece of model
She is thankful for the sun and her friends in Bournemouth,
who have made her summer worth recollecting.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Illustration finds its way into fashion

        In lieu of my absence for the last few weeks, here is my first fashion creation:

 The urban possessed
Designed and made by me
Photograph credit: Carolyn M.
Model: Annika E. Geiger

      This is the final result of my current Textile summer course in Bournemouth. Please keep in tune if you are interested in this piece, as I am going to post more details about the process as well as my art journey in this beautiful coastal town.

Friday, June 28, 2013

" 'I love you, but I belong to the wind', whispered the gypsy"

He once gave his heart to the girl whose spirit belongs to the wind. 
She brought with her the wilderness of nature
filled in her eyes the stream of waterfall
folded in her dress the scent from the cavalier daffodils
And held in her hands, shall his heart be
But as briefly as the nomad kept hold of something, they let it go
I love you, but the wind is where I shall forever belong”
the gypsy left , and broke his heart in two.
"'I love you, but I belong to the wind', whispered the gypsy"
Graphite on paper


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Madame Butterfly - Illustration series

         Based on Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, these illustrations capture a tragic love tale between a guileless Japanese young girl and an American sailor. Cio Cio San (pronounced closely as Butterfly in Japanese) is arranged to be married to a Naval officer, Pinkerton, who only marries her for convenience. Briefly after the wedding, Pinkerton ruthlessly leaves Japan, without reckoning Butterfly's sincere and unconditional love. Years pass as Butterfly still waits for him in hope and faithfulness, just to know Pinkerton has long forgotten her. After an unfortunate encounter with his new wife, Butterfly decides to take her own life. Pinkerton rushes in filled with regrets,
but he is too late.

Floating in the joyful breath of spring”
Acrylic and colour pencils, 12" x 12"
      This painting depicts the fifteen year old Cio Cio San, ecstatic for her arranged wedding with an American soldier. Butterfly, lights up the temple as she arrives with her alluring smile and an slender fragility. Her faithfulness to Pinkerton is also hinted in the Christian cross she is holding, an act of renouncing her ancestral Buddhist religion that symbolizes her unconditional love for Pinkerton.
I cannot tell you whether it's love or fancy.
All that I know is,
she, with her innocent charm has entranc'd me.
Almost transparently fragile and slender,
Dainty in stature, quaint little figure,
Seems to have stepped down
straight from a screen.
But from her background of varnish and lacquer,
Suddenly light as a feather she flutters,
And like a butterfly, hovers and settles,
With so much charm, such seductive graces,
That to rush after her a wild wish seized me
Tho' in the quest her frail wings should be broken.”

Lingering on this infatuated tenderness”
Acrylic and colour pencils, 12" x 12"
       On the wedding night, Butterfly guilelessly asked Pinkerton whether it's true that “If a butterfly is caught by a foreign man, he'll pierce its heart with a needle and then leave it to perish?” To her anguish, Pinkerton folds his arms around her, gently spoke: “May I tell you why? So that you may not escape. I have caught you. I hold you as you flutter...”  This illustrations henceforth captures the tenderness and romance pervading them that night, on backdrop of the falling night in Nagasaki.
Ah! Night of rapture!
Ah, lovely night!
Thy perfect calm is breathing love
near and far!”

She waits for the robins nesting"
Acrylic and colour pencils, 12" x 12"
       This last one is inspired from a commendable line from the second act, a deceptive promise made by Pinkerton before he departs, having no intention to return: “I'll return with roses, when the red-breasted robins are busy nesting”. Innocent and devoted as a crane, Butterfly waits and waits in utmost patience, everyday gazing at the memories, longing for a husband who has shamelessly forgotten her.

PS. I never thought I was into opera until my first time watching it live, performed by a Belarus theatrical group, which turns out to be a mind-blowing experience :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

me = a busy bee

     Some thing I have been working on 

     and another one

      My Facebook page  has been updated as well, so if you're interested, please help me 'like' and view my artworks here. Many thanks :)

PS. Here is the random list of five oddest magic realist films I am madly in love with:
1. Science of sleep
2. Donnie Darko
3. Vanilla Sky
4. Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
5. Amelie

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Papercut series "Notes from a feminist"

This is a sequential poster campaign for modernist feminism, cherishing the culture of "Girl Power" and Femininity:

Notes from a feminist

Click to enlarge 


Monday, March 11, 2013

a collage of WIP

       So these are a few things I'm working on at the moment. Hectic weeks with lots of storyboards based around the feminist theme, I am asked to convert my style into childlike, colourful pictures as well so that adds up to the pressure.
       Finished pieces will be updated (hopefully) soon :)

PS: I contributed an article for this beautiful Blitz issue, on page 22-22. Click here to read please, thank you!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

alternative book cover

     Here is my alternative cover for Raymond Chandler's crime fiction The Big Sleep :

       Exploring Chinese/ Japanese paper-cut art, it was a mental job to get all the details right: 

       Nonetheless, I have discovered these fascinating oriental, textual decorations that will be helpful for myself later on, hopefully soon I'll produce mixed media illustrations that combine drawing and this marvellous paper cutting. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

new spirit

   Taking a different approach to my current project about Feminism, I aimed to create something quirky, quick, fun, something that is basically distinct from my normal style.

    And the result is this jean collage “Feminist jeanifesto” (reinterpreted from “manifesto”). Inspired from my favourite young adult series Sisterhood of thetravelling pants, these old jean helps me tell the herstory of feminism in a childlike, whimsical way.

Fun fact: I stole this old pair of jeans from my boyfriend :P

     Details of text and collaged images:

The Six Pillars of Feminist Wisdom :)

    And here is the spirit:
    Last of all, here are some recommendations for your leisure time:
* Chopsticks is a bittersweet tale, great treat for the eyes and especially who are into photography. 
* If interested in thrid wave feminism, here is something quirky and mischievous from young rebellious chicks: "Girls Guide to Taking Over the World: Writings From The Girl Zine Revolution"
* Go watch Life of Pi, please! It's a beautiful montage which, astonishingly, did not ruin the book's reputation. Ang Lee's visual art is simply heart-captivating.
   And I'm kinda addicted to Vivaldi's music lately...

Monday, January 21, 2013

"how to build your robot"

      A set of three illustrations drawn for my first client, based on the principle cycle of techincal products.
      These whimsical images titled "How to build your robot" depict the main stages of the process: ideal design, structure & development and maintenance. 

"How to build your robot "
Set of three B5 graphite  illustrations

       Working on this brief commission also reminds me of a wonderful comic collage "Make you own pet" by Shaun Tan, taken from his "Tales from outer suberbia" children book. Enjoy :)