Monday, January 21, 2013

"how to build your robot"

      A set of three illustrations drawn for my first client, based on the principle cycle of techincal products.
      These whimsical images titled "How to build your robot" depict the main stages of the process: ideal design, structure & development and maintenance. 

"How to build your robot "
Set of three B5 graphite  illustrations

       Working on this brief commission also reminds me of a wonderful comic collage "Make you own pet" by Shaun Tan, taken from his "Tales from outer suberbia" children book. Enjoy :)


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

quite a Journal!

      While enjoying myself during the lovely Chirstmas, I have managed to produced several sketches for my personal journal :)

Visiting Whitworth Gallery and the Corner House
(watching lots of cool non-English movies here)

And my quick paper-cutting flowers,
exprimented for one of my current projects
      The holiday has been relaxing and quite productive, as I got to read some serious stuff about third-wave feminism (which is by the way, related to my upcoming project), namely:
- "Fight like a girl: How to be a fearless feminist?" by Regan Meely, quite a simplified bible for feminists, coverage what is all about within the movement. 
-"The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison (haunting me for days, I even cried silently in the toilet when I had closed the last page)
- "Living Dolls, the return of Sexism" by Natasha Walter. An illusionary portrait of misleading liberation within the feminism society, she's got lots of interesting life-reflective points!
- "Angry Women", currently reading. A book contains a compilation of talks and interviews with feminist performance artists, inclduing Karen Finley and Annie Sprinkle, etc. Makes me smile now and then actually, I am totally not on board with them but it's so interesting to learn how charismatic and furious some women can get over the seem-to-be male dominated society.

     And as a Christmas bonus, this spinning chair inside Victoria&Albert Museum made my whole roller-coaster ride of a holiday!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

concertina book "Love Sabotage"

        My cut up poem called "Love sabotage" is finally presented itself as a tiny, white concertina book: 

      "Love Sabotage" tells an adventure of love from an innocent girl's perspective. Embracing her first love with guillability and compassion, she is shattered when her lover decides to leave. The poem then unveils how time can cure the wound and one's life must go on, as the future always beholds unexpected happiness for who strive and search for it. 

          The poem is complemented with two collage-like surrealist illustrations, as the whole poem is a cut-up collage itself (from selected poems of Carol Ann Duffy, Sylvia Plath and "Chocolat" by Joanne Harris. The progress of this technique is explained in my former post here). Conveniently represented, I attempted this look in order to attract the viewers to read the poem, rather than enjoy merely the representation itself.

PS. Are you enjoying the start of 2013? Let's embark on something special this year!

Thanks for making my year special