Thursday, February 21, 2013

alternative book cover

     Here is my alternative cover for Raymond Chandler's crime fiction The Big Sleep :

       Exploring Chinese/ Japanese paper-cut art, it was a mental job to get all the details right: 

       Nonetheless, I have discovered these fascinating oriental, textual decorations that will be helpful for myself later on, hopefully soon I'll produce mixed media illustrations that combine drawing and this marvellous paper cutting. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

new spirit

   Taking a different approach to my current project about Feminism, I aimed to create something quirky, quick, fun, something that is basically distinct from my normal style.

    And the result is this jean collage “Feminist jeanifesto” (reinterpreted from “manifesto”). Inspired from my favourite young adult series Sisterhood of thetravelling pants, these old jean helps me tell the herstory of feminism in a childlike, whimsical way.

Fun fact: I stole this old pair of jeans from my boyfriend :P

     Details of text and collaged images:

The Six Pillars of Feminist Wisdom :)

    And here is the spirit:
    Last of all, here are some recommendations for your leisure time:
* Chopsticks is a bittersweet tale, great treat for the eyes and especially who are into photography. 
* If interested in thrid wave feminism, here is something quirky and mischievous from young rebellious chicks: "Girls Guide to Taking Over the World: Writings From The Girl Zine Revolution"
* Go watch Life of Pi, please! It's a beautiful montage which, astonishingly, did not ruin the book's reputation. Ang Lee's visual art is simply heart-captivating.
   And I'm kinda addicted to Vivaldi's music lately...