Monday, December 17, 2012

b for Balcony

       Recently working on an illustration of a creative alphabet, which my mind subconsciously led me to my favouite art scenario of the ballet world. Turning dance movements into letters is sure a hard job, henceforth enjoyable :)

       The B for Balcony is one of my favourites so far, probably because I just watched Romeo and Juliet in the Royal Opera House recently. Here are some other letters in progress:

      The Alphabet is expected to be finished by Wednesday, so wait till then! 

PS. And during this short-term project, I have relived some fascinating ballet montage through these movies:
The Turning Point (simply classic! This is a not-to-be-missed piece when it comes to ballet films, visually astounding and heart wrenching performances from the leads)
The Company (elegant and sweet, with the gorgeous James Franco)
Black Swan (no need to discuss:D)

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