Friday, November 30, 2012

drawing in melodies

   Some tunes for this weekend:
(click on the names and they will bring you directly to the songs on Youtube)
  1.  The Path of Wind (My neighbor Totoro's soundtrack)
  2. Pure shores (with a montage of the gorgeous Leonardo diCaprio in The beach)
  3. You never can tell (Chuck Berry)
  4. Comptine d' un autre été (Amelie's soundtrack) 
  5. Jump (The pointer Sisters)
  6. Always with me (Spirited Away's soundtrack)
  7. Wonderwall (Oasis)
  8. One summer's day (Spirited away's soundtrack)
  9. Rock around the clock (Bill Haley makes me wanna dance!)
  10. Itsi bitsi petit bikini (cutest French song I've stumbled across)

Listening to those lovely tunes while working on my storyboards 
and upcoming surrealist illustrations.

   Apart from that, my favourite photographer Tim Walker is presenting an exhibition in Somerset House, London, running till January, really worth a look. Richly coloured, as much sensual as it is surreal, each of his photograph speaks so much for their own (some of my works are influenced by the stylish and unconventional looks in Walker's photoshoots). Here are some gorgeous examples for his rich narratives and dazzling visual storytellings: 

   Hope you enjoy the recommended music and feel free to pop to London for this tremendous exhibition (it's gratuitous!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

More sneak peeks

Still need a bit more refined modification :)
          A very busy week, reported from Cambridge. I am still working simultaneously on two projects. Finished pieces will be revealed soon.

PS. "The Color Purple" took away bunches of my tears yesterday, although I had already read the book. Such heart breaking moments with sentimental soundtrack! Here is a treat for my supporters, a piece of music from the movie: 

"I think it pisses God off when you walk by the colour purple in the field and don't notice it." (Shug Avery in The colour purple, written by Alice Walker)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend full of joys and productivities!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

reading and movie time

Recommended graphic novels for this week:
  1. Skim (Mariko and Jillian Tamaki): Just like watching Juno or Somersault on pages, that's all I would say. A bitter fragment of an teenage outsider whose strangeness and isolation simply remind me of my horrid puberty.
        I fell in love with Jillian Tamaki's  
       artistic techniques after reading this
       book and started following her blog,  
       which made me admire her even more.
       Her blog is a roller coaster adventure 
       filled with interesting events, random 
       sketches as well as thoughts, shared 
       experience and lovely comments of
       Tamaki for her students. As a artist, she 
       is inspirational for her flexibility 
       with various approaches and mediums, 
       who is never tired of trying out new
       things– a work ethnic and an 
       unconventional mind that are worth 
       taking example from. 

  1. The Nao of Brown (Glyn Dillon): I finished this book today after 2-hour reading straight and closed the book with a smile on my face. Nao in the story reminds me so much of myself; first we are both Asians and enjoy wearing red coats (ha!), then a hidden suffering from insecurities and self loathing covered by constant smiles in presence. Moreover, Nao also struggles with her severe OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that even puts her into more of a challenge to live a normal, happy life... Dillon's artworks also enhance the sharpness and poignancy of the book, panels merged in subtle watercoloured images and fine pen outlines.

       Another doodle from my sketchbook:

      Apart from reading good stuff this week, Sleepy Hallow by Tim Burton really disappoints me as it's just merely a slasher movie with lots of pretty costumes and fantasy backgrounds. In a way, I guess Burton's stunning art direction (as always) really saves this movie from being rated as a sheer cheap piece of horror.
      Woody Allen's Annie Hall is a lovely film though, truly saved my weekend from watching the movie above. Such joys listening to delightful, witty dialogues as well as enjoying the ride of love found-love lost roller coaster!

Monday, November 19, 2012

"We fell asleep in an ambiguous subconsciousness"

         This is the first piece for my three-piece series on "Sense of belonging" project. 

        Long find myself attached to childlike comforts, especially the playground and little items that remind of childhood memories, I am working on this series titled "I generate a silhouette of childhood"- in order to cherish my peaceful and tremendous childhood. 
"We fell asleep in an ambiguous subconsciousness"
(Graphite and acrylic on Bristol board with Photoshop retouch)
November 2012
Details #1: montage of childhood
Details #2: In the kaleidoscope of dreams, nothing is as it seems

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting there

  Sketches of ideas for my next project on "Sense of belonging": 
Coloured pencil quick sketch
Another quickie: graphite and acrylic on heavy watercolour paper 
            Thumbnails of ideas and compositions, inspired from my 
            childhood attachments (balloons, soap bubbles, swings and kites) 
which are combined with magic realist elements. 
PS. Enjoy your weekend everyone! And "Yound Adult" is a fantastic black comedy movie (with the gorgeous Chalize Theron), highly recommended for a juicy Saturday :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Auction exhibition

        My piece “Don't let go of the mockingbird” has been donated for an art auction in Swindon. The art preview took place in the Post Modern Gallery (Theatre Square) and the actual auction will be held on next Monday in a fancy Italian restaurant just outside Swindon. 
Just a tiny cosy exhibition really, but I am glad I could dedicate my artistic skills to social charity.
Overall view

Me and my little piece of art.
Kerry Gault- my college mate who also
donated 3 of her expressive artworks.
View Kerry's beautiful writings and
drawings here.

          That is basically everything for this week. I have been kept busy with research work and a massive illustration coming up. Sneak peak will be updated soon :)

PS. I sold my first painting! I am aiming to reach better and higher goals now. I wish all of you guys to have the same courage and patience to fight for our artistic ambitions.