Friday, November 30, 2012

drawing in melodies

   Some tunes for this weekend:
(click on the names and they will bring you directly to the songs on Youtube)
  1.  The Path of Wind (My neighbor Totoro's soundtrack)
  2. Pure shores (with a montage of the gorgeous Leonardo diCaprio in The beach)
  3. You never can tell (Chuck Berry)
  4. Comptine d' un autre été (Amelie's soundtrack) 
  5. Jump (The pointer Sisters)
  6. Always with me (Spirited Away's soundtrack)
  7. Wonderwall (Oasis)
  8. One summer's day (Spirited away's soundtrack)
  9. Rock around the clock (Bill Haley makes me wanna dance!)
  10. Itsi bitsi petit bikini (cutest French song I've stumbled across)

Listening to those lovely tunes while working on my storyboards 
and upcoming surrealist illustrations.

   Apart from that, my favourite photographer Tim Walker is presenting an exhibition in Somerset House, London, running till January, really worth a look. Richly coloured, as much sensual as it is surreal, each of his photograph speaks so much for their own (some of my works are influenced by the stylish and unconventional looks in Walker's photoshoots). Here are some gorgeous examples for his rich narratives and dazzling visual storytellings: 

   Hope you enjoy the recommended music and feel free to pop to London for this tremendous exhibition (it's gratuitous!)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Minh Chau!!
    beautiful tunes, thanks.
    beautiful pictures, thanks,
    and beautiful illustrations yours. thanks,
    you know what?, I work all day listening music, I can not work, if there is not music playing in my workshop
    all kinds of music, all the time.
    Good weekend for you! :))))))