Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Auction exhibition

        My piece “Don't let go of the mockingbird” has been donated for an art auction in Swindon. The art preview took place in the Post Modern Gallery (Theatre Square) and the actual auction will be held on next Monday in a fancy Italian restaurant just outside Swindon. 
Just a tiny cosy exhibition really, but I am glad I could dedicate my artistic skills to social charity.
Overall view

Me and my little piece of art.
Kerry Gault- my college mate who also
donated 3 of her expressive artworks.
View Kerry's beautiful writings and
drawings here.

          That is basically everything for this week. I have been kept busy with research work and a massive illustration coming up. Sneak peak will be updated soon :)

PS. I sold my first painting! I am aiming to reach better and higher goals now. I wish all of you guys to have the same courage and patience to fight for our artistic ambitions.

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