Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pick of the week: rendered in an artistic mind

      Rather busy this week so apologies if I haven't got enough annotations. University works are stressful, but I am having a real good time. I get to read and watch a lot this year as reference works, which is amazing! Anyway, here are some inspirational notes I have come across:
  1. Quote: “Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist is making something exists by observing it. And his hope for other people is that we will also make it exist by observing it. I call it “creative observation”. Creative viewing.” (William S. Burroughs)

  2. Short film: “Le Ballon Rouge” (“The red balloon", 1956 French short film by Albert Lamorisse)

    If you're a fan of Up, the 2009 Pixar animation, here is the short movie where the inspiration for Up was taken from. A charmingly magic realist story of a little boy who befriends with a massive red balloon, as he grows attached to it and discovers that the balloon itself also has emotions.
    A lovely, captivating short film of innocence, friendship and the love towards things around you. Pascall, the little boy, treats the balloon as it is a real person, with care and respect, untils the ballooon actually chooses him to be its only friend, and follows Pascall around after school.

    Beautifully filmed with subtle colour sets and lovely music, Le ballon rouge made me giggle for hours. I love the contrast of the tiny, litttle kid with the massive red balloon - so powerful and dynamic. Albert Lamorisse just blows a fantastically fresh atmosphere into this Oscar-winning short movie.

    An exellent watch! It was, is and always will be a great gift for children generations, and for me exclusively, who is absolutely hypnotized by the inspiring art direction and the poignant symbolization appearing in this movie. 

    3. Photography: Just discovered Erwin Olaf, a terrific photographer who captures emotions through surreal interpretations. His photos harbour so much hidden melancholy, while still maintain the monotonous tone on the surface. Isn't that what we are like? Tons of ripples or storms screaming in peoples' souls, contrasting to the calm and peaceful masks we try to put on. 

    "Grief" series

    "Marie Antoinette"

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! Take a walk and wander around in charity shops 
    always make me feel relaxed and inspired, hope that will help you as well :) 

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