Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ripples in my morning coffee: a prelude to nostalgia”

Haunted by A hundred years of solitude, I was in eagerness to express my admiration towards the amazing Nobel-winning author. His pages are filled with life and emotions, despite the monotonous narration that is like slight ripples in the wind. The eventful town of Macondo, the metaphoric Colombia, brought me to wondrous adventures of forbidden love, inevitable combats, tragedy and even incest.

If this were series of paintings, I'd say they are like the Water Lilies collection by Monet. Each character, each couple are depicted in varieties of realistic personalities, challenging situations- in which, hope and despair superimpose and lead to evenful of sequences. Just like Monet's water lilies, they are called similar names (all the characters are named after their ancesters) yet reveal different beauties- some pure and innocent, some fireceful and some simply unforgetable.

The illustration above depicts the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez burst out with adventurous events that happen in the novel. The Beauty Remedios with her innocent yet lustful eyes has caused deaths to several men who are bewitched by her beauty, and the tragically illicit love between Aureliano and his unknown aunt- which leads to the tragic extermination of the Buendia family.

I was completely blown away reading this novel. Currently reading his other book called Love in the time of Cholera, which has been a pleasant read as well.


  1. Congratulations!!!!
    García Marquez!!!!!
    One of the great Latin American writers, with Julio Cortazar and Jorge Luis Borges!
    Congratulations again!!!