Friday, August 2, 2013

following the last post...

The illustrator spent three weeks of her summer in Bournemouth
where summer found its heat and where sunbeams found their playground
on the perpetual waves caressing the bleached white sand
The coastal town formed a pictorial textile image
there, the illustrator caught a glimpse for her fashion muse
She has discovered the beauty of fashion and its movements of decoration
She is fascinated
by how some simple garments could be moulded into thousands of dressing ideas
by the explicit work of embroidery enlightens a soulless piece of fabric
by the movements of textiles
slight and slender
as the summer breeze
breathing through the salty feel of the sea.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words,
she hence presents you this album of her mini journey
A summer weaved by 'textile' memories...

Collected real-life sketches from Bournemouth,
Bath Fashion museum and V&A Costume gallery

 Hope you don't mind her first machine embroidery

Final piece of model
She is thankful for the sun and her friends in Bournemouth,
who have made her summer worth recollecting.


  1. Hi, Chau, congratulations you are a great designer!!! :)
    you know what?, I have two daughters clothes designers, but one of them, now only designs jewelry, (look here)
    and the other designs and sells clothing, look here:

    I love watching your notebook :)))
    I congratulate you. good week for you!

  2. Hey Chau, I love the dress and how well it represents your artistic vision!
    Lovely photos of you and your sketchbook as well. :)