Wednesday, January 9, 2013

quite a Journal!

      While enjoying myself during the lovely Chirstmas, I have managed to produced several sketches for my personal journal :)

Visiting Whitworth Gallery and the Corner House
(watching lots of cool non-English movies here)

And my quick paper-cutting flowers,
exprimented for one of my current projects
      The holiday has been relaxing and quite productive, as I got to read some serious stuff about third-wave feminism (which is by the way, related to my upcoming project), namely:
- "Fight like a girl: How to be a fearless feminist?" by Regan Meely, quite a simplified bible for feminists, coverage what is all about within the movement. 
-"The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison (haunting me for days, I even cried silently in the toilet when I had closed the last page)
- "Living Dolls, the return of Sexism" by Natasha Walter. An illusionary portrait of misleading liberation within the feminism society, she's got lots of interesting life-reflective points!
- "Angry Women", currently reading. A book contains a compilation of talks and interviews with feminist performance artists, inclduing Karen Finley and Annie Sprinkle, etc. Makes me smile now and then actually, I am totally not on board with them but it's so interesting to learn how charismatic and furious some women can get over the seem-to-be male dominated society.

     And as a Christmas bonus, this spinning chair inside Victoria&Albert Museum made my whole roller-coaster ride of a holiday!



  1. I wish you a very creative and happy new year. Your work never seizes to amaze me.

  2. Hi, Minh Chau!
    Your notebook is a work of art!
    I liked the flower paper cut!, Very beautiful
    the drawing of a building is very accurate, you could be an architect! :)
    Oh! What fun, these chairs should be!
    please, I would try to sit on one of them! :DDDDD