Monday, October 8, 2012

Pick of the week: Learn from quotes

In lieu of my recent absence, I shall dedicate some favourable quotes from three significant illustrators who will give all of us better ideas about editorial illustration field. 

  1. Freedom to express a visual opinion on a wide range of subjects is for me the reason to become an illustrator. Illustration has the power, potentially, to move people emotionally and challenge them intellectually. By its very nature, illustration can question conventions and generate reactions. In a society such as ours, where art is frequently undervalued, this carries an unparalleled power, given the exposure to a wide audience." Anita Kunz commented on idealism and social responsibility from the viewpoint of an editorial artist. 

  1. Brad Holland commented on image 
    establishment within the illustration field: 
    It wasn’t easy. Society’s paved with stepping stones. Follow them and things come to you as they’re supposed to. Skip a few stones and it’s an unpaved road." 
  1. One of the most productive conversations you can have in this world is between yourself and your subconscious—except you can’t converse with your subconscious in words, because it doesn’t use words. You have to find out what vocabulary it uses and converse with it that way.” (Brad Holland)

  1. "I never draw from life. You can either 
    draw someone carrying a suitcase from
    life or from sketchbooks, or, like me, you 
    can imagine what it feels like...It's like 
    acting and I get to play all the parts." 
    (Quentin Blake)

                  Have a great start for a fantastic week everyone! 

    PS. For those who concern, I am working on 2 commissioned works. Details will be updated soon.


  1. Hi Minh Chau, thanks for showing this post, I can share the quotes, and also learn a lot from them. thank you very much and very good week for you! And I'm anxious to see your new job :)))

    1. I'm so glad it helps:) Wish you a productive week as well. Also, I'm updating my works in progress on facebook, if you're interested(
      Lots of thanks and all the best for you x

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